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  1. Sorry for the delay in replying. On the whole, performance is good and a lot smoother now that the dealership made some modifications. I still get the occasional delay when flooring it. Agree that it definitely seems to be the car not dropping down gears fast enough. Will try manually dropping down next time I need to get away quickly. Am very pleased with the fuel consumption. Did a long journey the other day, mainly motorway driving, and was getting 50mpg. From memory, driving locally usually gives me around 30-35mpg.
  2. I’ve got an A6 Avant with the built-in SIM for Audi connect. This, however, doesn’t allow me to use Internet Radio (at least I haven’t found out how, if it does). My latest Virgin Media package has given me a free SIM with unlimited data, so I thought I could put this in the spare SIM socket and use this. I’ve tried for ages, but still haven’t worked out how to get Internet Radio. Can this be done and, if so, has anyone got, or can anyone point me to, an idiots guide to setting it up please? Thanks.
  3. I took my car into my dealership. They reckoned that the car was performing how they expected it to, but they did make some adjustments to the gearbox. Since then, the changing up of gears is now very smooth (previously it was quite jerky) and pickup seems to have improved, although I’ve still had the odd occasion when I’ve floored the gas and absolutely nothing happens for what seems ages. I was told that there is a software update coming for the car to address several issues, so I’m hoping that as the software matures, the car will get better. I’ve just got to teach myself that slowly increasing pressure on the gas rather than flooring it gets better results.
  4. Out of interest, how do you find the performance of the car, particularly if you’re slowing down and then put your foot down, for example approaching a roundabout? I’ve got the A6 Avant 50 TDI Quattro and quite often when I put my foot down from coasting slowly, nothing happens for about half a second. Then it will either rev high but not speed up much, or it kicks in violently and shoots off! My car is currently back at the dealer today and they’ve recalibrated the gears, so I’m really hoping this sorts it out.
  5. I had an A6 Avant before this (2 litre) and an A5 before that and can’t say I noticed delays as dramatic as in my new car. The other cars were S tronic’s whereas this new one is a Tipronic. Could this be why? It’s going into my dealership next month for them to look at. I really hope they are able to do something as the whole point of buying a 3 litre Quattro is to have good performance. If they tell me it’s behaving as expected, then surely I can claim that the car is not fit for purpose and get my, quite considerable amount of, money back? I’d argue that such a huge delay is dangerous. I do wonder if there’s something wrong with the CPU as I’ve had several other issues - lost all my shortcuts the other day, and twice the cameras have failed when trying to reverse into a parking space. And today coming home, using a route I’ve used loads of times, the green triangle on the speedo which shows me what the speed limit is was wrong twice. It’s not done this before.
  6. I’ve had my new A6 Avant for about a month now and on the whole am very happy with it. I have the drive mode set to Auto, although have also tried it in sport mode, and quite often when pulling away, the engine revs quite high but the car takes a while to actually move and get up to speed, almost as if it’s struggling to actually get it into gear. I had one scary moment on a busy roundabout where I put my foot down to get away quickly, and nothing happened for the first second or so. It did eventually kick in and shot off like a rocket! But other times, like when I drove tonight, it’s really responsive. The whole reason for getting the 3 litre model was for its performance, but there’s no point in supposedly having 0-60 in 5.7 secs when nothing happens for the first second or so. Any ideas why this might be? Could it just be the software needs refining? Thanks.