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  1. Since the update, I can honestly say that I’ve no longer experienced this issue when slowing down at roundabouts. The response has been really good. What mode have you got the engine set to? I’m in Dynamic mode. The only issue I’ve now got is when trying to accelerate quickly, for example when on a dual carriageway, from around 30-40mph to get past slower moving traffic. This still has the 1-2 second delay. Will be interesting to know if others are still experiencing the same issue as you?
  2. Had my first real test of how well the car can pull away from stationary the other day. I’d managed to sneak past a guy in a Porsche Cayenne at a roundabout, we then came to red traffic lights and he darted from behind me and pulled up on the inside of me, with the clear intention of getting ahead of me when the lights changed. Thought I’d see if the software update really had worked. The car was already in dynamic mode and I flicked the gears to Sport mode. When the lights changed, we both floored it. About 50 yards past the lights, the 2 lanes merged into one, with the inside lane having to
  3. Mike (Tommo) - Glad you got it sorted in the end and that the guys at my branch were able to help. Of course, when I say sorted, I mean improved a lot, but by no means a perfect solution 😁.
  4. Tommo, That is ridiculous! Can I suggest you give your dealer the email address of the technician who helped me at my Audi Dealer? His address is: FrankThomas@chingford-audi.co.uk Hopefully he’ll be able to point your dealer in the right direction.
  5. Unbelievable! It’s almost as if Audi /your dealership are scared of a lawsuit against them for selling a car that’s not fit for purpose, and so don’t want to admit there are any issues. Do write to them as you say you will and hopefully they’ll find the update. I’m just wondering if there is an organisation who can do independent checks on these cars and put pressure on Audi to get them running as they should do?
  6. Of course that’s right. We’ve got nothing better to do with our time than make up false claims about our cars! May I suggest you hit them where it hurts and, next time they service your car and you get an email from Audi asking you to rate it, give them one star ratings across the board. Whenever I’ve had dealings with my garage, they are almost begging me to give them 5 star ratings as Audi apparently come down hard on their garages who have bad ratings. Or better still, just mention to them that unless they take these complaints seriously, this is what you’re likely to do 😁.
  7. OK. Have spoken to the lead technician at my dealership. They are going to send a technical enquiry to Audi with regards to the car still not properly responding when at speed (in my case, trying to accelerate from 30mph). Can I request that if anyone else has noticed this (I think AlexR mentioned something similar) that they inform their dealers? Hopefully the more people who report the issue, the higher chance that Audi will release another update. Unsurprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be any way of finding out what updates have been released unless we specifically ask our dea
  8. The left hand temperature is the engine coolant temperature, whereas the virtual cockpit one is the oil temperature. The symbols are different.
  9. So is there any way to get rid of it, or will it always be there? I’ve pressed it, but it doesn’t seem to take me anywhere sensible 😁. Regarding the performance, I’ve had some good drives now and the car is definitely a lot better. I’ve kept it in Dynamic mode. I did have one scare on the North Circular the other day. It was a 40mph limit and I was in a lane doing 30mph. A gap appeared in the overtaking lane that I knew should be safe for me to get into. I pulled over into it and put my foot down to overtake and nothing happened! It was the usual second or so delay before it accelerated.
  10. OK, so quick question. As I said, I set the mode to Dynamic last night and when I did this, it put the drive into Sports mode and the display showed S1, S2 etc. Got in the car today. It’s still showing as Dynamic, but the drive mode is now D1, D2 etc. I know I can change it by flicking the gear stick but in Dynamic mode, is there much difference?
  11. Drove the car in Dynamic mode for the first time since the update tonight. Wow! I think I’ve at long last got the car I thought I was buying in the first place.🎉🎊
  12. Had a drive this afternoon. Definitely more responsive - I even pulled out onto a main road with cars approaching from both ways a lot nearer than I would have tried prior to the update 😂. I’d say there was a slight hesitation, but hardly noticeable compared with before, and the car definitely accelerated away well and a lot smoother than before. So far I’m very happy 😁.
  13. Got the update installed this morning. Only a 10 minute drive home, but even with this short journey, the car did seem a lot more responsive. Such a relief, if it does continue to perform well, that I can actually start to enjoy my driving again.
  14. Hi MartinLHW. You have to mention the issues you’ve got and that there is an update that fixes it. If you don’t, the only updates they will automatically install are recall updates. This particular update, for some reason, is not considered a recall update, which personally I find ridiculous, as clearly it’s a dangerous issue which could result in us having an accident.
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