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  1. Drove the car in Dynamic mode for the first time since the update tonight. Wow! I think I’ve at long last got the car I thought I was buying in the first place.🎉🎊
  2. Had a drive this afternoon. Definitely more responsive - I even pulled out onto a main road with cars approaching from both ways a lot nearer than I would have tried prior to the update 😂. I’d say there was a slight hesitation, but hardly noticeable compared with before, and the car definitely accelerated away well and a lot smoother than before. So far I’m very happy 😁.
  3. Got the update installed this morning. Only a 10 minute drive home, but even with this short journey, the car did seem a lot more responsive. Such a relief, if it does continue to perform well, that I can actually start to enjoy my driving again.
  4. Hi MartinLHW. You have to mention the issues you’ve got and that there is an update that fixes it. If you don’t, the only updates they will automatically install are recall updates. This particular update, for some reason, is not considered a recall update, which personally I find ridiculous, as clearly it’s a dangerous issue which could result in us having an accident.
  5. Oh, and have ordered an ODBeleven 😁
  6. According to my dealer, they think that the May update also includes the March update although they are going to check
  7. Had a chat with Jenna today. He mentioned that there is a gearbox software update that was released in March. As one of my issues is that the car sometimes seems very reluctant to change up gears, I’ve mentioned this to my dealer, but they reckon that the May update fixes both my slow acceleration and reluctance to change gears issues. I’ve asked what, then, does the March update fix but so far they haven’t come back to me. Anyone got any more information?
  8. My dealer has found the update and is going to install it next Tuesday. Hooray! Apparently they will only install it on cars which are displaying the problem and as the message hadn’t filtered down to the service guys, that’s why they didn’t install it (although I suspect they didn’t know anything about it until I gave them the information). So does that suggest that there are owners out there with the version of the software I’ve got who are happy with their performance? Would seem strange that the same engine performs differently in different cars. Jenna - Have looked at the ODBeleven website. Seems very reasonably priced. However, as someone who only knows where to put the diesel and screen wash in the car, would it really be of much use to me? 😂. And where is the ODBII port? Inside the passenger compartment (around the driver’s area?) or under the bonnet? Is it something that will alert me to potential problems before I know about them? Would Audi start to get stroppy if they know I’ve been using one? Thanks for any info.
  9. Thanks for this information. I don’t have an ODB11 dongle, so will have to rely on my dealer to install the correct update. But I do know for sure that they didn’t apply it as they didn’t seem to know anything about it! I’ve passed this onto my contact at my Audi dealership and hopefully they’ll be able to do the necessary 🤞🏻
  10. I’ve had a reply back from my dealer. All they did was the MMI update and he reckoned that there are no other outstanding updates. Can someone can let me have the full details of this update so that I can go back to them please? Thanks.
  11. Thanks Jenna. Have emailed last night so will see what their response is.
  12. The fact that every time I mentioned that there was an update which improves the performance and the reply I got back was about a recall update makes me suspect that the update I wanted hasn’t been installed. I will get in touch with them and try and find out if this is the case. I will not be impressed if it hasn’t been done as I lost count of the number of times I said there was an update which improves performance which is currently dire!
  13. OK, so I’ve got the car back. Only a 10 minute drive down dual carriageway to get home so not really any time to test if there’s any improvement. To be honest, my initial impression is that there’s no change. Is there any way I can find out on the MMI what version of software/firmware I’ve got? On my invoice, all it said was that the service was carried out and no issues found.
  14. Well, the car has gone in. I kept mentioning the software update, but the girl kept saying yes, it’s down for the recall. Had a quick check online and it does appear there’s a couple of recalls, one to do with the airbags and the other is replacing the starter generator. Just hope that they will also perform any software/firmware updates as a matter of course. Was offered a deal on servicing. Today’s oil change service is about £361. The next service will be a major one, costing around £425. But if I paid £475 today (I can’t remember the exact figures) then this will cover today’s and next year’s service. Sounded like a good deal to me.