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  1. Hi All I'm looking at a new A7 40 tdi with the new 2.0tdi engine. I test drove one the other day and enjoyed the drive and it felt surprisingly pokey given the lack of cylinders. It also has the 7 speed gearbox and I didnt notice any lag issues. I'm wondering if people may have any experiences with this model, although I appreciate it is a new model in the range? I've read quite a lot about niggles with the new A7 - software glitches, pre-sense problems etc etc. My concern is that I'm coming from having rejected another car that suffered a huge engine failure in its first 30 days, followed by appalling service from the brand. I'm slightly nervous the A7 still seems to have too many niggles to be trouble and hassle free? Is this a fair judgement or am I being overly sensitive to forum chatter? I'm not interested in a premium car thats going to see me back and forth to the dealer on a regular basis. Appreciate any feedback and thoughts.