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  1. EldiabloRS

    RS badge

    Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction so I can buy a new RS 4 engine bay sticker please? mine is peeling off under the heat. many thanks steve
  2. EldiabloRS


    Hi, cheers for that. I’ve seen quite a few V8 badges on the Rs4 B7 but I’ve noticed again recently when I’m watching them on YouTube, it’s always the RS4 B7 in a USA YouTube video, so I don’t know if just by chance it was a THING to have as an optional extra in the US or maybe standard in the US. As there seems to be a lot of differences in US models compared to our Eiropean ones. The obvious side reflectors being a US thing for legal reasons, but also several differences inside, like a crap steering wheel, ash tray instead of the flimsy cup holder in the centre panel. S button being next to the ESP and Hazard buttons etc. They just don’t seem to travel very well . I know there was only about 2000 sent to the US and they are exclusive but they look kinda basic compared to ours. Long reply I know but it’s been on my mind.
  3. EldiabloRS

    Rs4 B7

    Thank you for that. Much appreciated. I’m trying to limit the coking as much as I can without having to kick its teeth in all the time. Even trying Redex twice a month just to do what I can.
  4. EldiabloRS

    Rs4 B7

    How often does the b7 RS4 need de-coking?
  5. Sorry to hear that. Keep me updated please
  6. Thankyou for that. There is a local place to me does the car on clean for 100 but I know it was fine about 6 months ago. I’m just trying to limit the build up as much as possible before it’s nect proper carbon clean. Did you notice an increase in power after the clean?
  7. Anyone use that red injector cleaner that you put in the fuel tank? If so, what type and how often? Cheers
  8. EldiabloRS


    I’ve seen a few pics and videos of the B7 RS4 with wing V8 badges. Was this a non UK thing or is it an American add on aftermarket trend?
  9. I’m a new owner of a B7 RS4. I think the previous owner was a member on this forum, not totally sure. But I am over the moon with my new car. Just wanted to say hello and il be on here a lot now, reading and researching, hopefully not for problem solving or needing advice on repairs etc. Say hello if you want and I’m open to any questions of interest etc. Cheers.