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  1. Im not sure its had a change yet but will get it done straight away, once lockdown is lifted that is
  2. Thanks yeah i saw it and wanted it straight away, my bro in law is a mechanic and its easy to get cam belt done, obv i will service is well when i get it, just all this lockdown issues is frustrating me.. engine is a 2.0tfsi cant beat a nice turbo
  3. Thanks for the info and video steve, its a manual transmission, does it atill need a dsg gearbox check? What sorta millege does the cam belt and water pump need doing on TT’s?
  4. Whats up lads, been looking at a 09 plate burnt orange audi tt, its done just over 78,400 miles has leathers/active resr spoiler, service history looks a nice looking car, but what are the things i need to find out about the car before i buy it? Are their things on them that go wrong or need to be changed? Its up for £3,900
  5. Hi, i have a 2004 (53 plate) Audi a3 2.0 fsi , my clutch started to slip last week, need a dual mass clutch, but do i need a flywheel?? My bro in law said i may need one , i dunno what to think HELPPPPP
  6. Hi, yes euro car parts quoted me 249.99 for a complete luk clutch kit, my brother in law works in a garage so it will hopefully be alot cheeper
  7. I did want to edit the topic but it wouldnt let me, its a dual mass clutch i was told, and my brother in law said it wasnt that hard to do, he done one a few weeks back so only have to pay for the part
  8. Hi, So i was out driving earlier and my clutch decided it wants to start slipping , its a 2004 (53 reg) audi a3 2.0 fsi, where do i find out if its a normal clutch or a dual mass? Any advice would be much appriciated
  9. Hi, Recently purchased a a3 2.0 fsi 04 plate, really nice condition and runs really smoothly, i connected up my brother in laws diagnostics machine, because i had a light on which read 00810: Sensor 1/2 for brake pressure 00778: Steering Angle Sensor 01424: Lateral acceleration Sensor Then a few days later after i started to service it ( changed fuel/oil filter and spark plugs, currently have disc’s and pads to go on ) my engine management light came on when i was out which said P1072: Nox Sensor heating control signal: electrical error in circuit P2279: Intake air system leak really annoyed and stuck on what could be the issue, any advice would be much appreciated