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  1. Hi Gareth, There are several retrofitters advertising fitting the system, quite a few in the UK, and I've found one not far from me in Sweden and a couple in Germany. They all seem to give similar prices around €900 plus 6 hours fitting time. The dealer informs me that it is not possible yet I cannot really see what the problem is, apart from component protection has to be removed. 2 sensors have to be fitted in the rear bumper and then wiring up to the door mirrors via door controllers. I am more inclined to think that the dealer is not interested, but I don't understand
  2. Thanks for your reply, but can you tell me why it is that Audi technicians are not allowed to retrofit? I'm not really understanding the logic as they say it's impossible but yet its clearly not if a retrofitter can do it.
  3. Hi All, After reading many topics I feel sure that someone can give me some advice. I recently purchased, or should really say received my Q5 TFSI e. I know, some people have had some issues, but so far so good. Anyway, I thought that I had everything covered but apparently not as I missed off the Side Assist system that warns of vehicles approaching on the blind spot. A stupid mistake but one that Audi here in Sweden cannot help me with. Who can I trust to install the system without invalidating any guarantee? I know because of all the Covid restrictions right now that com
  4. How does one check to see if the door controllers are compatable for the folding mirrors? Looks like I have to do this job myself as the Audi dealers are not interested.
  5. Hi John, Thanks for your reply but unfortunately I'm not so lucky 😞 The vehicle is just not equipped with them. Audi here in Sweden wanted 4500 to retro fit them, and an independent garage 2000. The rest of the car is fine, but after spending 50,000 on a car, I expected it to have folding mirrors. But that is Audi for you !!
  6. Hi all, Thanks for creating such a great forum. I have a question regarding the door mirrors on my month old Q5. Stupidly, I didn't realise that the door mirrors do not fold in, which seems crazy to me on such a wide vehicle and given its price. Is there a kit out there that can convert my mirrors to folding mirrors? I have the mirrors where the mirror moves and is heated, and the mirror body has those blinking warning LED's in when a vehicle is coming on the blind side. Thanks in advance 😀
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