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  1. Hi, new here, searched everywhere for info on central locking on my A8L 2.8 W reg automatic. It's worked perfect no problems ever. Then got up in the morning and it doesn't work off the fob or from the drivers door lock The boot opens on the fob still, and the alarm activates off the fob still. I've noticed on the dash where it shows the doors open in red, that the passenger front and rear don't show as open when they are. If the front passenger door is open on its own, the interior light flashes on and off smoothly, not like a strobe. Is this going to be a cheap easy fix or shall I just manually unlock the doors lol Thanks in advance everyone
  2. Love this car. Has an lpg conversion for 15 years, it's done just over 200k now but drives like new. Hoping someone can help me out on here with a central locking problem too it's just started lol