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  1. Hi there, I'm having trouble changing up using the paddles/switches on the SW it'll change down fine but not up? Any ideas would be much appreciated... Allroad 2.5tdi 180
  2. Ah ok I'll check that out, seem to be dry round that area but I'll definitely check... Thank you very much, appreciate the help 🙏
  3. Hi all, looking for advice, I've aquired a leak (water inside) carpets soaking wet drivers side front and rear footwells. Now the gearbox ecu has decided to pack up, am I right in thinking its located under the drivers carpet area? If so does anyone know where the leak maybe coming in from, I've checked the air-con drains, also the drainage points from the roof etc! Really struggling now and can't see the point in getting the ecu repaired until I source the problem... Please can anyone help? 🙏🙏🙏
  4. Trying to find if there is anyone who has changed the key fob shell off a A6 c5? I'd really appreciate some guidance as what to do? I've taken mine apart but for some reason the circuit board is stuck fast to the original...
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