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  1. Hybrid turbo ,Wagner intercooler,devils own meth injection ,bsr spec intake ram air filter darkside dpf delete pipe full miltek system egr delete swirnflap delete egr cooler delete cp3 fuel pump . Full ssp auto salon clutch pack mapped by bobby Singh . But I’m up st darkside developments Thursday for a full day to have it remapped and tuned to there specification prevoius started this I’m just starting Thursday to put my stamp on it
  2. Hi newbie here to forum Cheshire. Currently running a 429.4hp 3.0tdi highly modded running meth. My second 3.0tdi.
  3. New to the forum. Thought I’d post few pics of my new motor. Car is a 3.0tdi sline black edition currently running 429.4bhp highly modded running meth. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻