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  1. As soon as I see a date for next year I will let you guys know so it can be put in the calendar to see how much interest there is. I'll definately be going anyway unless it clashes with anything else, like the F1 I'll be attending next year.
  2. Hi Graham, Not seen dates for 2020 yet, but am keeping an eye on it. Just missed AITP this year but looking to maybe go next year. Just thought if we could go as a club we might be able to get on the parade at the end of the show.
  3. Hi All First post on here, I have been going to Brandshatch race track for a few years now and have visited a few of the different fests they do, mainly the American Speed Fest, but have also been to their Festival Italia last year, but see they also have a Fest for us German car owning awesome peeps, so wanted to ask if anyone has ever attended Deutschefest there and if so with which club? I know at American Speedfest and the Festival itali they have a parade at the end of the day so you can go around the track in your car with other members from other clubs. Owning a 2010 A6 C6 3.0 Tdi Avant Le Mans it'd be nice to be able to attend Deutschefest with a club with a chance to go on the parade.