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  1. Howdy all! I owned an A6 C6 avant for a couple years a while back and loved it but the transmission failed :( Such a beautiful smooth ride even for a 2007 car. I moved from that to a BMW E90 325i which gave me nothing but horrible issues, so thats finally gone. I scrapped it for £250 just to get rid of it, I have a nissan quashqui im trading in for this car. I hate the quashqui (2007 model) So now buying this car this weekend, its had a cambelt changed, low mileage, very good spec as its a LeMans edition. Ive been doing research and cant see any major issues with this engine or model, it mainly seems to be the 3.0tdi or v6/v8 cars that have problems. What do you think and what should I look for when viewing the car? Also It has a little bit of wear internally but i not worried about that as I can fix it. One other question though... Can this be fitted with an AMI bluetooth streaming device? I think from research its the 3G Low MMI system. Car is under £6k so seems a great deal, slightly lower price due to a small dent on passenger door, which im not to concerned about, ill try to fix this myself. Its not really noticeable.