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  1. 2017 A4 Avant 3.0D 272PS Quattro 74k mileages and some 2.9yrs old. A/C started to fail cooling the interior, then started making hissing/compressor noises, and then failed to cool at all. car went in for A/C service, no leaks found, but re-gassed. I was told by the main dealer if it goes again, it’s a new compressor. 3 weeks later, back to square one. Not happy with the dealer, particularly when it failed so quick...feel like the cost of the A/C service went down the drain, and dealer showing no care to support me since. just to rub salt in the wound, car is also loosing coolant (estimated cost for this fix over £1k). I've read somewhere its a known problem with the AC.... any advice? thanks