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  1. Jason, Mine is 2018 Model as well 40TDI SLine. done 20,00kms thankfully no rattles, but have seen posts from other users with same problem. the main beam assist, pre sense, automatic wipers, automatic headlights issues seems to be a common communications problem which Audi have yet to solve, will normally disappear on a restart. I use apple car play all the time with the usb lead plugged in so no problem there and never had any issues with the pre Sense, only happened once since i got the car and that was when i got a bit to close to a cyclist. Great car though but for a premium motor these issues should be corrected.
  2. Mark if its any help i use my iPhone a lot in the new A6 (Mainly Music with Apple Car Play) and i never had to log in again after the initial set up. i do find that the bluetooth wont connect if the iPhone is not active (in sleep mode) when i switch on the phone everything works okay again.
  3. Mark this seems to be a common intermittent fault on the hew A6, happens on mine as well but disapeers when i start the car again, might not happen again till weeks later
  4. Hello from Sean in Waterford, Ireland. picture of my A6 C8 40TDI SLine that i bought in from England in April. really happy with the car after 6months. had an A6 C7 prior to this.
  5. If you select manual only on the drivers side you can change the blower speed then, i have done it on mine no problem. if you have both sides selected it wont work unless you go to auto, select your speed and then go back to manual.