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  1. Thank you for your response Gareth - I think you got the source of my dilemma right - I was really looking for some comfort blanket of reassurance 😉 Sometimes a good discussion can help with the "sat on the fence" position as it can gently prod you in one way or another.. What was not making it easy was that I could not see any up-to-date photos showing what the cloth interior would look like in real life ( you can hardly rely on the 3d rendered images on the Audi site) and I was also not sure if the puny sound from the demonstrator speakers was a result of these not being yet bedded in.. In the end I went with the leather option (Atlas beige) rather than the comfort and sound package - time will tell if I will be happy with my decision Thanks Martin
  2. Hi there I am just about to order the face-lifted A4 Avant through work, with a limited options budget and cannot make a decision on which options to go with. I am limited to the Technik trim, with the 35TDI S Tronic engine/gearbox combo. I am currently torn between spending my options budget on either a leather interior (Okapi brown or Beige) or investing in the Comfort & Sound pack (full keyless including boot sensor, Bang & Olufsen audio, 360 camera, interior LED pack). I am leaning towards the leather option as I struggle to imagine owning an Audi with a cloth interior, but hearing the sound quality on the pre-facelift demonstrator I got to use last week made me hunker for the Bang & Olufsen system as I found the sound of the standard system very flat.. Opinions & recommendations highly welcome! Thanks!