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    EGR issue.

    Q5 2010 3.0 TDI 8R Looking for some help on a EGR issue please. I've had the issue for the past few months but only appears on motor way driving so tested a bit more as just been travelling around france. Driving through France so after sitting on cruise for an hours or so at 70 ish, I stop at a toll for 30 secs, set off again then get the EML on with “P0401 Insufficient exhaust gas recirculation” but no loss of power etc and everything runs fine. I can reset it and drive around for a week, local with motorway up to 70 ish but not for a prolonged period and it not come back on. Once back on the motorway for a long drive same thing, only pings up after a brief stop but no effect to the car. Any one with any thoughts?