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  1. Hi Gareth, Thanks for the advice. I have discussed the issue with the head of business and a case has now been raised with Audi UK. They noted that it is a common fault with the 1.5ltr engine in the new Q3 and they are now working with me to put me in a different car. The next dilemma is what car to jump into. I cant pull anymore money out my pocket and they arent going to put me back in another 1.5 Q3. Any thoughts on a suitable replacement. I really love the Q3.
  2. Hello, I have had a new Q3 Sport 1.5 TFSI for 1 week now and its already in the garage. It was kangerooing and i kept getting drive system faults. They have just told me that there appears to be issues with the fuel pressure regulator and need to keep it in for a couple days. They also mentioned something about needing to check for leaks. My question is, do i try to have this car replaced considering the issues just 1 week in?? Thanks