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  1. I ordered ,and paid a deposit for a new A3 sportback in May this year ie 2019 and was told it would be ready around mid July this year. It kept getting delayed and then delayed again. Recently I received a phone call from the dealer telling me that the extras for the car that I ordered are no longer available as the car I would now be getting would be a 2020 new model one which no longer has the options I had ordered. My view is they should never have taken my order back in May as they must have known that there was going to be a change in model and that what I was ordering would not be available.I have asked for my £500 deposit back as I am of the view there has been a material change of circumstances and although no one has as yet refused , they are blanking me off and not returning my calls.Is anyone else in the same position and what has been their experience.