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  1. The Garage were dismayed that this had been crimped ! anyway they said it should now last for many many years !, Cheers, Phil
  2. RESULT : Apparently this is a VERY common fault ( The local garage resolved and fixed the problem ) Apparently the wires had broken in the boot/mechanism, had been fixed before badly ( just crammed) but the garage has how repaired the wiring to tailgate ( with a proper splicing repair NOT CRIMPING ! ) this was 0.75 hrs ( so just £37.50 + VAT ) to fix so Im over the moon. Thank you again for your comments and always peace of mind - what a great site !
  3. Thank you Gareth, Thats fabulous advice...I'll let you know how it goes, Thanks again, Phil
  4. Thank you for the advice...Ill have a look at where the earth is..... Cheers
  5. All of a sudden cant unlock the rear boot with key, reversing light out, rear fog light out and numberplate light out - any suggestions please ... earth fault ? Ive seen this question before but no answer, any help would be amazing ( manual and fuse locations do not help or identify the correct fuse....checked all fuses and all seem to be okay )