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  1. I have an Audi A6 2.0 diesel 2013 plate. Recently I have had problems with the ABS control unit losing comms with the EMS via the Canbus system. It has been intermittent for a good few months resetting and behaving itself. Got some checks done a ffew months ago and the fault appeared to clear itself. Ran with no issues for approx. 3 months. But has now come back bringing on many warning lights on the dash. Just had it diagnostically checked by Audi and they tell me that the ABS control unit has lost comms with the EMS system. The wiring and everything else is OK but the ABS control unit is faulty. They are advising a replacement ABS control unit and pump. at a cost of £2,500. I intend to replace the ABS control unit but am looking to source one anywhere other than at Audi prices. Can anyone suggest a UK company or supplier who can supply an ABS control unit / pump assembly at a reasonable price. Thanks Gregor.