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  1. Hi thanks for the reply. no the clutch doesn’t slip, drives just fine, just the gritty sensation when changing gear. The car is an ex lease car which has a full service history from Audi (full service every 6 months) the milage is a bit high 120,000. the car was purchased from a small dealer (not Audi) i was going to take it to Audi for inspection, think I seen on their website they would do that for £60?, possibly even go somewhere for a second opinion? I’m hoping that it’s something minor, I did get a good deal on the car, I assumed because it wasn’t well looked after (kerbed alloys, cracked speaker, marks on interior, scratches on number, chip on windscreen, all little things I would fix over time) knowing my luck though it will be something stupidly expensive. its my first Audi and apart from the clutch issue I’m loving it so far.
  2. Hello I'm not very car savey, so i was hoping someone could give me a rough idea of what could be wrong with my car before i take it to the garage. I purchased second hand 2015 Audi A3 Saloon SLine 1.6 Deisel a couple of months back, but have now noticed that when i press down on the clutch it feels like there is friction going through it. Best way i can describe it is if there was sand or gritt stuck in the clutch. The higher the rev when changing gear the worse the friction is, if im changing when revs are low it's not so bad. Any advise would be appreciated, thanks.