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  1. Cool, thanks. Just looked at that link. I don’t have a control wheel below my gear stick, only the one on the front below the symphony unit. Does this mean I don’t have a MMI setup? is there a way to add Bluetooth music playing? I have my phone connected but only works for calls.
  2. Haha... AMI Yeap 😂 Thanks so much for the reply. Oh so not all models have the AMI socket? Any rhyme or reason as to which do/don’t? Is there any other way (other than aux cable) to play my phone music through the system? Preferable without cables.
  3. I can’t locate the MMI socket in the glove box or under the middle armrest of my 2010 A4 s-line estate. Any ideas where it could be? I basically want to adapt my system so I can play Bluetooth music from my iPhone. Thanks