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  1. Hi guys completely new to the forum and Audi’s! just wondering whether anyone could be of any help.. I purchased my sq5 2 weeks ago, 30k miles, full service history etc. Me and my partner have had 2 weeks of Happy driving until yesterday evening, I had a check engine light appear on the dials! I had access to a scanner - and found that it’s the air/fuel sensor. Prior to this happening I was on the dual carriageway when the car felt as though it was loosing and regaining power ever so slightly - am I right in assuming this would be caused by this sensor issue? Following finding this I checked the onboard computer to see oil levels and found it reading the message to ‘ lower oil level ‘ ?? Upon speaking to the garage the car was purchased from, the chap didn’t seem particularly interested and told me I had warranty But it was dealt with by somebody else, the number is on the paperwork were his words. Really just clutching at straws as don’t know where to start. Am I better off going to main Audi dealership and getting them to look over car or am I likely to have my pants pulled down and charged a fortune? thanks in advance guys any help will be massively appreciated Tom