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  1. Hi to all I've just purchased an 2011 A7 and intended to update the firmware + sat nav. How ever when i go into the mmi settings where it tell you the mmi ffirmware version mine just has a question mark !! And the sat nav has version 8X0919884C - P11-50-10.06 So my thoughts are previous owner has had a go at firmware and something go e wrong And the sat nav version is that an upto date version ? Any help would be very much appreciated
  2. Ok thanks for your reply. It's just that I'm going g to purchase an a7 soon and wanted to know the way to tell which auto box was in which car. My idea is to buy the 3.0tdi quattro in a line spec with the s tronic auto box. I've never had an auto but have been in a friend's 5 series bmw auto and was very impressed with it have you had any experience with the s tronic and how does it compare to the bmw of 7 speed auto. Any advice and guidance would be very much appreciated
  3. 2012 A7 sportback 3.0 tdi automatic gearbox how to tell the difference between s tronic and multitronic
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