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  1. Thanks Gareth. The indicator level was just above minimum before I added the oil. The handbook does mention adding 0.5 L at a time so I guess I should have checked after adding half the oil, Will arrange service in the next few weeks. It has done about 22000 miles. Kind regards, Abhi
  2. Hi Gareth, Thank you very much for the reply. As far as I know, the car does not have a dipstick. I had checked the oil level on the display after driving it for 2 min. We took the car on a lease two years ago and it hasn’t had a service so far. Surprisingly, the service indicator hasn’t come on so far. kind regards, Abhi
  3. Hi all, Can I have some advice please? I have a 2017 A6 2.0 diesel saloon. I decided to check the engine oil level even though there was no indicator light or warning that the levels were low. The display showed that the level was quite low. I decided to add 1 liter of Shell Healix 5W-30 oil. Now the indicator shows that the oil level is full with the message "please reduce oil level". Do I need to take the car now to a dealer tomorrow to have some of the oil drained or it is OK to leave it as it is. Thanks in advance, Abhi
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