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  1. Chris,my postcode is LL11 5UG and I live just outside of Wrexham, North Wales.
  2. Hi Chris. If you want these, look up Paisley Freight and arrange with them to pick them up from me and deliver them to you. They seem to be good at this service and not too expensive! I would of course package the wheels up as per their instructions. I’m retired so will be at home whenever they arrange to pick them up. Glad someone is interested in them! You won’t be disappointed I can assure you. Let me know what you think? Brian.
  3. I have a set of 4 wheels as per the attached photo for sale. They are immaculate having been powder coated and have new Davanti Wintoura tyres fitted. I can’t now use them as I had to scrap my 8L quattro sport earlier this year. Price £240. Ring me on 01978 759149 if interested. Offers considered. Wrexham area.
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