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  1. Thank you, definitely worth a look into
  2. Hi Gareth, Thank you for the information. I am using a classic insurance company for my other project car (1979 Mk1 Fiesta) but was unaware cars the age of the A4 could be covered. I will be using it daily though so don’t think it’ll cover me unfortunately, plus I’m going to need to earn all the NCB I can get as I’m only 19😂 Cheers for the recommendation of Peter James, I’ll look into it as my Fiesta is up for renewal soon too! Ben.
  3. Thank you. I didn’t realise it was eligible for classic insurance, I’ll have to look into it
  4. Thank you, I’m looking forward to being able to use it
  5. Hi Trevor, thank you, yes I believe they’ll start appreciating soon but don’t intend on ever selling this one as it holds too much sentimental value. I only have a few pictures, everything is original except it has 30mm lowered springs to replaced the snapped originals... the first image is of it before it had the springs done
  6. Hi I’m looking for the gloss black triangle piece you’d find on the rear left passenger door on a saloon A4. Any help would be appreciated, thanks, Ben. Item is pictured below, part number: 8D5853273GY9B
  7. Hi, I’m planning to restore my Grandad’s 1999 A4 B5 as he had the car since it was 18 months old until 2016 when he died and left it to me. He loved the car and now I am able to insure it would love to have it in the road. May need to ask for some help in parts sourcing as bits seem few and far between. thanks Ben