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  1. Is it possible to have 2 cupholders fitted in the dash of a B7 cabriolet?
  2. Thank you for that Gareth, I'll jump on some breaker sites and see what I can find.
  3. Hi Gareth, I am trying to fit an aftermarket head-unit but can't make head nor tails of the wiring. I am guessing the colours are Audi specific. The original stereo was a RNS-E if it helps.
  4. I have recently bought a B7 3.0 Tdi cabriolet and I think it is the best car I have ever owned. The only issue I have with the car is that the previous owner has cut off the factory connectors to the audio system at the rear of the head unit. I am left with bare wires and know clue of the colour codes. Does any one have any wiring diagrams or pin outs that include wire colours? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi everyone. I have recently bought an A4 3.0 tdi cabriolet and love everything about it. I hope to do a few little adjustments here and there and hope you guys may help me out.