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  1. Hi All With a growing family, Im in the market for a highly specced Audi Q7. Ive been looking since last summer and was hoping to pick up a low mileage one owner car on the private market before someone upgrades or leases a new car. Unfortunately it would appear that hardly any such cars come up on the private market. Dare I say, do people straight up part exchange such cars? Anyhow, I intend to keep it for many years and hence why I want every extra possible! I was hesitant for a while before investing in a diesel and so waited for the election/brexit thing to sort itself out in case it had any kind of an impact on car/diesel prices. I needn't have bothered as I cant afford an electric/hybrid SUV anyway. So I'm spending what i have and hope for the best. Spec I'd hope for is: Audi Q7 S Line, 2015+, unto 40k miles, Adaptive air suspension Technology Pack Dynamic Pack Tour Pack Parking Plus (self park) Panoramic sunroof Bose sound system Leather seats Advanced Key Less important is: Colour (hopefully not white!), Flat bottom steering wheel, ambient lighting pack, leather pack etc Do get in touch if you're looking to upgrade with the new plates coming up. Fingers crossed! Thanks for reading.