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  1. Hi ekimj10 Yes crazy prices, if you can do it yourself, the end result can give you a lot of satisfaction and for less than half the price. It did take me a while ( about 3 to 4 weeks) to source the parts that were correct for my car.
  2. Hi ekimj10 The job was quite easy as long as you go slowly and checking what is already installed in your car. My car needed new door modules as my existing ones didn't have the electrics. If you need to replace your door modules, you need to get used ones from a car that has these new modules. In my car they were 5Q4 959 393 F for drivers and 5Q4 959 392 F for passenger and I sourced some from a crashed Audi A1 Japanese model which is RHD like mine and they are 5Q4 959 593 K drivers and 5Q4 959 592 K and they were about £80 for both. If you buy new ones from a dealer they would need to
  3. Hi I have successfully retrofitted folding door mirrors to my 2019 Audi A1 works perfect apart from the new switch. It's where everything works as it should but after fitting the new switch I did an Autoscan and it showed 2 faults on the driver's door and 1 on the passenger door. Driver's door 196665- switch for central locking - signal implausible B122 D 29(008) 196726-Motor for mirrors fold-in - open circuit B11F6 13 (008) Passenger door 196665 - switch for central locking - signal implausible B122 D 29 (008) Before I fitted the switch I did an Au
  4. I've succeeded in coding my A1 for the High beam assist using vcds, it's brilliant
  5. Hi I'm looking to code the high beam assist in my 2019 A1, It has pedestrian camera 3qo and I have a vcds to code it, has anyone managed to code their car?
  6. Hi everyone, hope everybody is keeping safe from this terrible virus. Here's some photos of my A1 s line 30 tfsi 2019 model
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