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  1. Hi Grant No problem, keep safe Regards Craig
  2. Hey Guys, Thought id share some latest pics of a few more minor modifications. Regards Craig
  3. Hi Grant, Higher profile will definitely help. Regards Craig
  4. My sq5 is stage 2, 400bhp so ill be sticking with the pirelli. I've done 11k on a full set. Got another 1k left in them I think. Your choice mate but i would stick with the pirelli. Im savi for high quality tyres and brakes. Regards Craig
  5. Hey, Im running pirelli P Zero 21 inch on my SQ5. Ive burnt through these in just over 11k miles. So 17k is not unreasonable for sure. Just a dent in the pocket as you should change 4 at a time. Regards Craig
  6. Hi Guys, Has anyone run 15mm wheel spacers on sq5? Looking for recommendations? Cheers Craig
  7. Im a poor boys world fan. Use most of the range from clay bar, polish, sealent, show glaze! Craig
  8. Absolutely Steve - Ill be there. Keep safe Craig
  9. Thanks for the message Steve. Im looking forward to getting involved Thanks for the comment on the car, runs like a dream with some custom exhaust work and an aggressive map! Pulling 380bhp amd 560ft Ib torque so certainly moves! Craig
  10. Hi Guys, ive had my engine management light come on on my SQ5, ive read the code it says Exhaust gas temperature sensor? Ive cleared the codes but within a few mins light comes back on. Suppose it needs changing. I've had some custom exhaust work done so wondering if its anything to do with that, but that was back in July last year. Anyhows, has anyone changed these sensors before are they pretty easy? Cheers Craig
  11. Hey guys hope alls keeping safe. Just signed up to the club and thought id share some pica of my SQ5. Look forward to getting involved in the chat. Regards Craig
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