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  1. Hi Gareth, the plugs were put in a day ago when I did the full service so we had no problems with the map, the air filter is a mushroom filter and I have cleaned it out thoroughly, but my coils are old and haven’t been renewed. So I’m assuming if anything they’ll be the problem. Just found it a bit strange how he only mentioned it after the map was programmed and after it started misfiring not before like you would expect. thanks Alex
  2. Hi guys, got a stage 1 map done on my 1.8T AVJ engine but misfires when it hits boost, anyone got any ideas? The guy that did it says it needs all new coils and plugs but I’m not sure if he’s messed the map up and says this to cover his !Removed!... please help
  3. Back again..... so I removed my wing the other week to do some work, long story short I removed the wing and found a tennis ball taped onto a breather and I’m pretty sure there should be something else on the end of that pipe. Anyone have any idea what’s meant to be there?
  4. So I’ve checked the fuses for the air con and they’re fine. I’ve also checked for power at the plug on the air con motor and seems to be no power going there at all only earth. Anyone know where the relay is located? Had a look but can’t make heads or tails which is which
  5. Hi Steve, The Air Con machine does a cycle where it checks for leaks and it wasn’t leaking. I was thinking pump or rad. Feel like it’s going to be expensive. Great!
  6. Hi everyone, I have an a4 b6 01 1.8T. I’ve had the air con regased but it’s still the same, can’t turn off econ button and semi cold air coming out. Anyone know where the relay is location? Or anyone had this problem before that could shed some light on what it could be? Car was sat for a while.
  7. I might just bare it and buy one. On a totally unrelated issue. Anyone ever have a problem with the blowers? So I can be driving for about 2 hours or so and the blowers will blower on full and I can’t turn them down only off, the immobiliser light also flashes when this happens? I can turn it off and back on and it’s gone and fine for the next 2 hours. Im losing my mind here!!!!
  8. I did get him to check that and all he found was a broken speaker wire, but I’ve already changed both rear locks with no luck.
  9. I did get the electrician to test the CCM and he said it was fine it’s doing everything it should be doing. I’m so baffled as to how this is happening.
  10. I’ve had an electrician out already and he said the rear locks weren’t communicating properly so the car thought they were locking then unlocking straight away. I got him to check the CCM to rule that out since it was slightly wet when I pulled the carpet up around that area. I only have 1 key as well which may be causing a separate issue I have but I’ll fix that after this.... hopefully
  11. I have a 2001 1.8T b6 and having problems with my central locking. It doesn’t matter if I’m next to the car or away from it but the central locking just does it’s own thing, at one point it will lock by itself, then unlock. This is becoming a real problem as I’ve checked and I can open the doors between it locking. Been doing it for a while now and am ready to go back to biking to work at this point. PLEASE HELP!!
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