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  1. He's said to try new pedal first be alot cheaper than going ahead with new dpf I'm just panicking as I'm due back work Friday doubt I'll be able to sort the problem by then thanks so much for your help
  2. I took it for a drive as advised hoping that it would clear itself but no such luck then this happened 🙈🙈 do you know what the cost would be getting it sorted by any chance £££££££😭😭🤣🤣 it's also been attached to a code reader and that's saying exceleration pedal ??
  3. Help needed,dpf light has come on and about a week later no power. I actually thought the turbo had gone at first.car won't go above 40 and throttle body has been changed but made no difference. Any ideas??? And yes I'm a woman so simple terms would be good. Thanks in advance 😊