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  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for the response however its the MAP sensor not the MAF im looking to locate. Cheers James
  2. Hi All. I have bee trolling the net for days, i cannot find the answer i'm looking for on my own. 14 plate A6 2.0d - S line black edition has developed a limp mode status, with the engine and coil light on, TPMS was on now cleared, Start/stop function unavailable, so i took it to a mate with Vagcom, un clearable error on the Manifold pressure sensor i assume this to be the MAP sensor, however i cannot find the location of this sensor in the engine bay, searching the net provides nothing for this model as far as i can see. There is only a certain length of pipe it can be on, from the airbox to the inlet manifold/throttle body there is approx 3 feet of pipe half of which is rubber the other rigid plastic so it has to be on that section, it is tucked in behind the engine block and the bulkhead so visibility and access is restricted but what i can feel it does not appear to be located on this section. Happy to dig around in the engine bay but was hoping for a step for a hint in which corner to look if it is indeed on this section of pipe or somewhere else don't want to start stripping the engine needlessly.. Any body know where this sensor may be? any help advise or direction would be greatly appreciated. Cheers all.