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  1. Everything is clean water signs....its time to go at one specialist !
  2. Hello everybody !!!! I have a problem with my wife's car: audi a4 (b6) 2003 1.9 tdi 130 hp, RHD Last week after a very heavy rain in London, my wife told me some water leaked inside the car around the acceleration pedal area. When she put the ignition on next day she heard a strange noise like an electrical short and the wipers started working fast without any command :D ....she couldn't stop them...then they stopped on their own and then wouldn't start on command. Now they seem not to be working at all, they start randomly working without comand and then stop. I am trying to identify the issue I read almost all forums about this problem, and am sure that: 1.the linkage is not seized, it's moving free and working very fast. 2. the switch is probably functional because the windscreen washer and the bord computer are working 3. I read about some wiper relay no 377....but on my model i don't have this relay .i looked all over the car to find it ... 4. the wiper motor i think is ok because i checked another 2 and none is i measured the connector that supplies the wiper motor and I have a live 12v in pin nr 2 and that's it and some one told i must have life in 3 pins . So my local garages told me: Ecu is dead because of water lick but i check the ecu compartment and everything is dry and clean there,Ccu is dead and need recoded for audi...and audi specialist told can be some relays located in back of steering wheel.... After diagnosis with a bosch software was found it 15 errors ...but the most important was : can't communicate with Conventional Control Unit...wiper motor stage 1... control unit...wiper motor stage 2 ... Some errors wasn't true...but was erased. Anyone have some ideas about how to fix this problem without spending thousands ?