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  1. Hello people, Thank you for all kind and helpfull comments. The car has MOT until 10th June 2021, but you are definetely right, it need to be inspected by an expert for my safety. Steve, I decided to don't repair turbo problem, many mechanics told me that it's not totally failed, The car only may go limp mode on the highspeed, and there should be blowing voice, it is not dangerous for my safety, but of course it will damage to car engine day by day. For now, I just want to change it's oil and oil filter, then drive it 3 months, then sell it or scrap it. Another issue is cambelt, I don't know when it is replaced last time, there is 194800miles on milewatch, probably it needs a replacement but it is also costy, don't want to spend a lot of money on this car, already lost a lot, don't want to raise loss amount. The private seller never turn back me again. Anyway, I was not hopeful about it.eful about it. Cheers, Mustafa
  2. Hello, Today I noticed tire has sidewell damage, should I replace it immediately or can drive ? Thank you
  3. Thank you for well-meaning suggestions. Probably there is other minor surprises, but did not expceted £700 for a cambelt, based on online search I thought it cost between £250-300, also car need oil change, oil filter change, fuel filter change. I've been changed air filter. Actually fuel filter also seems to easy to change by myself. Before decide to repair turbo, I am still keen on to try Mr.Muscle trick as you mentioned your previous posts, there is not anything to loss. Just waitting a call from seller for now.
  4. I've bought it from registered owner of the car. I bough it in same city which is the registered adress, but in different location. Paid £800 for it. Yes, I appreciated it is category N. EM light is not also on the dash during test driving. I agree with you, it seems taking it to court will not worth it. But, this kind of people should be punished, this is beyond to my loss. The car inside and outside condition are really good. It worth to repair it. Actually before buying, I have considered its age and thought about spending some money on it, but at the beginning £869 for turbo is really high cost, because the car probably will need cambelt replacement soon. I have check it by eyes and touching it seems old, I have also accepted to that it will need cambelt replacment soon. However, The turbo failing was surprise for me. I still don't understand how he cleared it, and motor has run really nice on the test drive. Cheers Mustafa
  5. Hello, There is not any descripton about car mechanical condition, but while he is posting it he defined in good condition category. The car which has oveer boost problem I think is not in good condition. Also there is not engine manegement light on dash on photos.
  6. Today, I had a call to him, fortunately he answered to call. I explained to situation, he stated that he don't know the this problem before, while he was selling it there was not any light on dash, its occured due to high speed etc. In shortly he blaimed me. I told him I will go to court for this, and he told me he will review the case then will give a call in a couple days. Also, I understood that before calling he saw my messages but did not prefer to reply. Because in the call he mentioned about text messages context. Now, I am 90% percent sure he cleared to error codes before selling. He probably will look information about my rights then will decide. It's clearly fraud, £800 is not big deal, but he should be punished, tricking people is not good behaviour, especially during this bad days. This kind of tricks may cost even people lifes, if there is serious problem on car. Thank you for your interests.
  7. Thank you for responds, Taking them to small claim courts could be good idea to teaching them that "this is fraud", but it need time and expenses, I am not able to do it at the moment. Actually, I don't believe too that Mr. Muscle trick will work on this car, but I just want to try all cheap ways to repairing. It just a small hope. I have tried to contact with seller, but failed. He does not reply me. He bought it last September, probably he has driven it for 8 months. The car has mot until 10 June 2021, it passed mot 3 days before I bought it. This information also tricked me. I thought if it can pass Mot it is good car. I know this is such amateur belief, but I've trusted to seller. Cheers Mustafa
  8. Hello, Last week, I bought an Audi 2004 A3 2.0 TDI, 194,400 Miles. While buying car there was not an issue, I checked everything and drove it 10 minutes. Everything was look well. Bought it and then decided to a long trip to test car. After 30 Miles, the engine menagement light turned on. I did not thought it is important issue, because the car was running well and there was not any weird voice from engine. I booked a diagnostic test then yestarday I had it. The mechanic told me the car has 4 error codes; P3101 Intake manifold flap motor / open circuit/ground short P0691 Radiator fan actuation 1 short to ground P3102 Intake manifold flap motor /signal missing P0234 Boost Pressure control /above control limit He suggested turbo replacement which cost £859.65. This amount more than car actually price. He told me I can drive it and if it goes limp mode switch off engine and restart. Also mechanic told me that "probably, the private seller know this issues but he cleared it before selling it" Is this possible to clear error codes? I've searched on google to fix that problem in cheap way, found a video on youtube, cleaning it with Mr Muscle oven cleaner? Has anybody tried that method before? Is it works? Is it easy to do it in this model? or Do you have any further suggestions? Thank you.