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  1. Thanks Steve. I think I may have found the issue. A bit of the weatherstrip between the little black triangle on the drivers door and the door frame was squashed in and leaving a little gap. I pried it out and the wind noise has noticeably reduced, it's still there slightly but much better. I think I may have to replace the weatherstrip to get a perfect fit to eliminate the noise completely. Interestingly I think my previous owner may have had the same issue on the passenger side because I could see marks on the body work where someone has clearly tried to work on that bit of weatherstrip.
  2. I've been experiencing wind noise in the driver's door when driving from 60mph and over. It sounds like the window isn't quite shut but I have closed the window as far as it will go. All the door seals and weather strips look fine and so does the wing mirror. Has anyone else had this issue?
  3. Just to update, I bought Michelin Primacy 4 and I'm very happy with them, they suit the car very well. They seem pretty quiet and help provide a soft and comfortable ride. Omar
  4. Hi Gareth, Thank you, that is helpful. It does make sense that tyres will produce more noise as they wear. I guess I was just disappointed that the exceptional refinement of the car was being spoiled by significant road noise. I will try fitting a set of new tyres from a premium brand and I'm sure that will help. Kind regards, Omar
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a proud new owner of an A4 Sport 18 plate. The car comes with 17 inch wheels and the front tyres look like they need replacing (they've done 17k miles and tread is low). They are fitted with the original Hankook K117s and to be honest I'm disappointed with the level of road noise. Has anyone else noticed the road noise being an issue with these tyres and can anyone recommend quieter ones? Thanks.