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  1. Hi all, just introducing myself to the forum. Not even 24 hours into ownership of my first Audi and my first Q5, a 2.0l TDI S-Line Quattro. So far, hugely impressed with the quality especially when coming from a mk5 Golf. Nothing wrong with the Golf, but the Audi is a step up. Always found forums very useful to gain tips therefore hopefully this forum is the same. Just one initial question really. Obviously wanting to keep the vehicle in show room condition, in fact, better than showroom. The car is an approved used, however I wasn't impressed with the valet when I picked it up and will blame it on reduced staff being over worked during COVID, but I know I can do it better. With that said, will be cleaning myself, therefore wondering what products owners use. I have leather interior therefore products for external and internal would be useful as would any tips and tricks for maintaining the appearance. Have used Maguiar's in the past when I owned a Golf VR6 10 years ago, which I was hugely impressed with, but im guessing things have moved on since. Thanks in advance and looking forward to gaining and sharing my Audi ownership on this forum