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  1. thank you steve i'll check them out
  2. hello there. anyone know where i can get my hands on a good workshop manual for my A6 C6 2.0 Tdi. any suggestions greatly appreciated thankyou
  3. i have a 2009 a6 2.0 tdi and my problem is rough engine start. when the engine is cold it starts quietly and smoothly but when its warmed up to normal temperature it start roughly with a bit of a kick.the car runs and drives just fine with no noises or vibrations but the rough start is worrying me a little. any advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  4. i removed the egr valve in my own 2009 a6 2.0 tdi to clean all the soot that builds up. i went to my nearest audi dealership and bought a set of gaskets for 13 euro. i live in dublin hence the price in euro.