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  1. A simple question that I can’t seem to get an answer to. Can you oblige please. I have a 2019 Q5, 40tdi, which has a 24 litre adblue tank. Despite all the wonderful technology, there is actually no way that I am aware of establishing the adblue tank content. I am aware that the vehicle tells you when you have 1500 miles left and you need to top up. I am hopefully, travelling to France later in the year, and really don’t want to start faffing about putting adblue in whilst on holiday, so my question is, can I just top it up before the vehicle warning comes on? i would expect to do circa 2k miles whilst on holiday, so chances are without topping up the adblue warning may well light up, and yes, France being diesel capital, I am sure adblue will be readily available, but I would prefer to go over with a full tank. Has anyone used Green Chem adblue, or anything not from Audi they can recommend? Thanks Pete R
  2. Thanks for your reply Steve, I just thought, why didn’t I think of that, so I had a look to find the specified Audi jack for vehicle fitted with running boards. its part No 8R0071029, a scissor jack, and it costs £110.00, where a normal scissor jack is usually about £15. I think I need to speak with direct 4x4 before I place any order, and take their advice. My only concern with the air suspension was the air tank reservoir runs along the near side sill, but I guess the fitters will be fully aware of that, they fit enough of them. Cheers Pete R
  3. I have a 2019 Audi Q5 S Line, with air suspension. I am considering fitting side steps. However the Audi official price of £1249.00 quite frankly I find ridiculous. i have had a price from Direct 4x4 in Derby, at a quarter of that cost, and that’s fully fitted. I am aware of the, do you need them/ don’t you need them debate( the Q5 isn’t that high to need them etc) but I do think they enhance the vehicle looks. My concern is twofold really. Will fitting aftermarket sidesteps in any way disturb/affect the air suspension? I understand that when you have Audi sidesteps, they come with a new jack, as apparently the original supplied will no longer do the job.The bottom line is, I can’t see me doing a wheel change anyway, as I have no spare, and I certainly ain’t standing on the hard shoulder squirting gunge in the tyre. So that I do have a jack, what would be required, ie would a bottle jack suffice? Has anyone had after market side steps fitted, and can give any feedback. Any information / advice appreciated Pete R
  4. Hello to all, New to this site, and looking forward to gleaning useful information. I live in Clayhanger in the West Midlands, and am a senior gentleman, of maturing years. I am a bit, no a lot of a petrol head, and take great pride in my vehicles, I currently own a 2019 Q5 S Line, 40 TDI, which I am very pleased with. I have the tech pack, sunroof, towbar, air suspension with SQ5 nappa. I also own a Mazda MX5 which is 13 years old, but in immaculate condition with only 24k dry miles, garaged, a boys toy! My previous 3 vehicles have all been VAG, Touareg, Passat R line and now the Audi, I do like the build quality. Well, enough about me, regards to all, and nice to meet you Pete R