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  1. There's nothing there for the fuse to slot into.
  2. Well when I went to check the fuse, according to the fuse cover was 15A in location 19, there is fuse or connection in that location 🤔
  3. Shame they don't work though 😂
  4. So I managed to change the bulbs eventually. Unfortunately they're still not working. So I checked the fuse which should be 15A in location 19. There's no fuse or connector Many in that location so now I'm totally baffled Any advice Thanks
  5. Can I upload a photo at all.
  6. No mines see to be one solid unit.
  7. Morning, Can I check please, do I need to remove the front bumper to change the fog light bulbs as I can't see any other way? Tia Clive.
  8. Thanks Steve, That was useful, although my hu is working fine but I cant seem to get the rear amp and speakers working? Thanks Clive
  9. Hi All, Just looking for some help really as I've got t a point in the installation and can't seem to move forward. Equipment 1 x Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB + fitting cables including the steering wheel controller and Ariel conversion kit. So far everything fits, but I can only get sound from the front speakers. I understand that the rear speakers are powered by a separate amp in the boot. Even though I have wired the remote switch (blue/white) cable from the head unit I still can't get the amp powered. (works fine with the OEM Concert stereo. Can anyone either help or tell me the colour of the wire from PIN9 on the amp which I can locate in the quadlock of the cars wiring loom? Thanks in advance. Clive
  10. Hi all, New to the forum and to Audi. I live in Faringdon in Oxfordshire and hoping to get as much help as I can from the experts on here. Thanks again for the acceptance