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  1. Thanks for the reply mate. Have the 2.7 V6 tdi
  2. Any ideas where to go for that mate... have sent lots of emails last night. They were my two first thoughts
  3. Thanks for the reply mate, Sooooo so happy with the B7..... just used to it already... so desperate for upgrades..... what can you suggest
  4. Hi guys hope you are all well? Just wanted to throw a question out to everyone..... what upgrades do you recommend for my estate? Thank you
  5. Hey Guys, Hope everyone is well.... New to the Audi Scene..... plus not been on any car scene for nearly 20 years due to the intro of kids in my life.... now its me time. So… picked up an A4 S Line estate 2.7 diesel...… Eager to get the mods going...… any advise? Thanks for reading