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  1. Thanks again, Gareth, I've started the hunt for someone near me who will at least give me a second opinion. I appreciate all the help. Julz
  2. Thanks, Gareth, I'd need to ask the garage if they WOULD do it if I can get the parts. They eventually got an Audi guy in to look at it and it was he who said that all the micro switches are gubbed- well he would!! I've done a bit of investigating and it looks like there are many switches & solenoids (😯) to operate the roof. As for doing it manually, there's only the key to lock/unlock the roof latches and storage box - it really is 'manual'. I'll take all the advice on board and think about it. Thanks everyone so far for your help. Julz
  3. Thanks both. How do I know what I need and if they're the right parts? Sorry, I did say I wasn't technical. I've found a seller on eBay with good reviews who can supply the motor but I haven't a clue about the micro switches or clips. I've tried "Googling" but I just get a variety of parts at a variety of prices. I'm loathe to get rid of the car but the garage says it's not worth fixing - I'd drive it anyway but what's the point of having a convertible if the top won't go down? (It will, but manually.) Julz
  4. Hi. I'm new to this site & to forums but I'd welcome any help/advice. Firstly, I don't have the technical knowledge or skills to do work myself - I just know how to drive my car. I bought a 2003 A4 Sport Cabriolet last summer at auction. It runs like a dream but a couple of weeks ago, the roof stuck halfway down - I had to put it back up manually with help. Just got it back from the garage and the motor, the micro switches and the clips which work the roof are all defunct. Apparently, the roof has been forced down at some point (not by me, I've only ever used it electronically. To get it fixed by AudI is going to be way more than the car is worth but is it possible to get parts that could be fitted by my garage, is it possible and is it worth it? The car cost me £600. Thanks in advance. Julz