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  1. Hi there I'm a newbie. Can anyone here tell me if easy entry has sliding seat as well as steering wheel? the steering wheel function works however the seats don't slide in/out for east accesses. All my other cars had sliding seats. Thank you
  2. Does an A8 D4 have a sealed gearbox? The reason for the question is, I have been told that the service I an about to have includes a gearbox oil change however I was under the impressin that the A8 had a sealed gearbox? Thank you
  3. I suppose a better question would be, will driving an A8 13000 miles over a three and a half month period br detrimental to the car. Thank you
  4. Thank you for the reply I cant speak to the previous owner as I don't know who he is. I have decided to purchase it already subject to a test drive. I am trying to establish if having 13k miles on the clock in such a small space of time may be somewhat detrimental to the car. I presume the miles have been accrued on a motorway as I don't see how it could have accrued so many miles in such a short space of time in a city centre. I suppose I am seeking advise (good or bad) from people who have a lot more experiences than a newbie. I have previously owned Lexus LS (too. expensive now) Mercedes S class (never again) I don't want a range rover. The obvious answer to a quiet refined ride is the A8. Than you
  5. Hi there I am purchasing it from an Audi main dealer Huddersfield, the car was previously supplied new by them and had one owner until 18,500 miles, the owner traded it back in against a new model. The car was then shipped to Audi main dealer in Middlesex and sold. It is now in Audi main dealer Reading waiting to be shipped back for me to Huddersfield, they don't know hoe it has accumulated 13k in three and a half months during lockdown. Seems to me it had possibly done a couple of trips to Europe. It will be serviced before handover with a two year warranty. Any advise? Thank you
  6. Hi there I'm about to purchase an Audi A8 3 ltr diesel.Car had 18,500 on it last Christmas. New owner purchased it in March and owned it for three and a half month it has now got 32,00 on the clock? As we were in lockdown I can only imagine it has been abroad? 13,500 in three month Should I avoid it? All advice appreciated.