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  1. Thanks for reply, I was thinking the obvious place to attach it was onto the end of the lever over the barrel / pin but it doesn’t fit on to it. I checked bottom of door for any bits but nothing. Good idea about checking other door tho! thanks again. Pete
  2. Thanks for reply Greg, pics below…
  3. Hello, Im trying to re attach the door release lever cable to the release mechanism on door lock. The end cable is hooked and the lever on the latch unit has a barrel type end, but the cable hook won’t fit onto it? Or am I doing something wrong? help! Thanks Pete
  4. Hi, I have a Audi Coupe 1990, kept in garage for some years but I alway run it up. Recently I accidentally ran it out of fuel, so I put 10L back in but surprise surprise it won’t start. Looks like it is fuel injected so no carb, guess it could have sucked up some rubbish from tank or airlock?? any ideas appreciated on how to solve? thanks
  5. Hi Ian, it’s a 1984cc engine. I’ve got a guy coming to see it hopefully soon. If you want to give me a contact number or email I can let you know.
  6. Four previous owners, service history documents to 70k. Bodywork looks good for age, all good tyres and new battery, starts fine. Discs and callipers are rusty as been stood. Exhaust is blowing.
  7. My Audi Coupe E 1990 was bought from my neighbour having been sat in his garage for five years unused due to his age/health. I am now moving house and looking for offers. It starts first time but is not mot’d. 180k miles on clock and in need of someone experienced with the time to put this classic back on the road! Location Worcestershire WR6.
  8. Hi, I have just acquired a 1990 Audi Coupe as a restoration project. It has been sat in a garage next door unused for about six years! So I need to try and unseize the brakes and move it to my garage. Does anyone know where the fuel cap release switch is? thanks
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