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  1. Hi folks, just bought a 2011 A7 (all i could afford!) delighted with the car other than the fuel cap, i can't get the !Removed! thing to open, it should be as easy as my previous car A5 unlock the car and push in the side of the fuel cap but it doesn't open, I have seen online that this is a common problem, anyone an idea of the actual issue and potential cost? Finally how on earth do i charge my phone? If i get an MMI adapter for android will this charge my phone? I'm not bothered about transferring music etc i juat want to be able to charge my phone. Ta
  2. Hi guys, any advice you guys can give me on buying a used A7 with 110k miles on the clock? What questions should i be asking the dealer other than is checking for full service history, is there any known issues to watch out for? Also, I'm trying to work out the difference between the SE trim and the S Line trim, a side by side comparison would be good, anyone know any websites that do this well? Thanks
  3. Hi, I watched a heap of youtube videos and someone recommended squirting WD40 on the sensor as water might be trapped, I did this and so far it seems to have done the trick!
  4. Hi guys, I have a 2016 new design A5 coupe, i got my front brake pads and discs replaced few weeks ago and ever since then my front left parking sensor seems to be awfully sensitive, it literally goes off at every single junction i pull up to even though there is nothing in the immediate vacinity that i could hit. My right hand side is fine. I went back to the car garage who changes my brakes who basically said nothing to do with us, go away. Any thoughts on what could be causing this and any easy fixes? Can you recalibrate / reset sensitivity etc? Thanks
  5. Stirton


    Cheers for reply, I'm getting them done by local independent garage. I'm just trying to make sure the alloys turn out good and look like they should for the alloy in question. Like i said in the original post, the current finish on them looks weird / crap but I don't know if that's how they are meant to look or not. I was expecting the alloys to have a shine so they would closer match the chrome detail around my window but they don't.
  6. Stirton


    New to the forum, hi everyone. I've recently bought a A5 coupe Nov 2016 model, can anyone tell me the name of my alloys please? They are in a bit of a mess so i'm away to get them re-done but I'm trying to find out what the finish should be on these as they look a bit weird to me as if the last person literally painted them with grey paint and didn't apply any finish / protective coat. Thanks
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