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  1. No mate, the leak was in the rear left hand side of the boot, the estate car has the B&O amplifier and related stuff for the MMI system located there. But as I say it has stopped leaking now so it’s a bit frustrating not being able to find where it was coming from
  2. Revo are pretty good, think they might have a franchise up your way
  3. Thanks Magnet, sorry for the delay answering, the problem was I was getting water inside the rear off side compartment where the amp is located and thought it was the sunroof. But it’s not. The amp died through water damage .I’ve since taken all of the rear plastics off Inside to try and locate where the water was coming from but no luck as it has since stopped leaking now. (. Urgh )!!! Any ideas where it may be leaking from ? And is it a known problem ?
  4. Can anyone advise me on where the drainage tubes from the sunroof go on an S4 Avant, and if they are a known problem please..