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  1. Thanks for the replies folks, that video has certainly increased my doubts over the 2.0L Tdi......
  2. Yes DPF with all Diesel cars is one of my concerns, also I wondered does this age of Audi have an electronic handbrake similar to the VW Passat?
  3. Hi folks, I'm after some advice on buying a A4(06 to 08) probably with mileage around the 120k to 150k mark..... There seems to be plenty 2.0L Tdi models around but should I stay clear of these and keep looking for a petrol model? This car will only be used at weekends for leisure, I don't need it for getting to work so it will only do about 6k per year. I'm a bit out of touch these days with the whole diesel market. I seem to be reading there's issues with oil pumps being prone to failure.... Again I'm just looking for some real advice on here. Thanks