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  1. Cheers steve. New boots day! Fronts that were on, are both decent and 6mm. Both goodyear ,but one an F1, other an excellence. So different tread patter, both rears are F1 and near 3mm in tread. So easiest way is 4 new. Decided on continental premium contact 6, reviews seem to show the tread lasts better than the sport. Oh well, guess i will find out in time😀
  2. Got it up and ramps, for me no easier, cant even see to get close. Above impossible to see without taking those stupid hose clips off. So nipped out, new can of elec clean and the hose clip pliers. In the time i drove back and got up on ramps, i though best leave it incase any clip or pipe gives. Then i am stuck. The best i could i aimed copious amounts of elec clean. The gauge actually worked 90% of the time i was out........ So next week it is, not worth being totally stranded. Ordered the sensor as a back up, just in case(as they do order on the day) they cant get one straight away. Bought a febi bilstein OE one for £12. Audi OE 059919501A
  3. Thanks again Gareth, well it is booked in for next Thursday...........feels forever away. I do have ramps which i used last week for the oil change. I have a look under the engine cover and straight away those pesky clips they use. i dont have a tool(about to order for future uses). Also there are quite a few pipes near and around the air inlet pipe at back. You know what happens next........something breaks! Yes new switch with going to the trouble, after all , if i can unplug it, for the sake of £20 or so, might as well change it. Worst case scenario, its ruled out if issue continues. Reading up, it does seem a common issue, not with just the s4. I bet it was so easy to fit when the engine was out🙄 😂 Thanks again Gareth, fingers crossed then, back end of next week i will update the thread, good, bad and/or ugly. That may help others in the future.👍
  4. Cheers Gareth for reply. Thinking that myself. Drove back from work, temp rose to 90 per normal within a few miles. All good yay !!!! Nope, dropped to minimum instant, blink of an eye. Stayed there all the way home. Stopped off for a couple of mins near home, then ign on, temp gauge going up, started and as if nothing happened! Stayed at 90 for the last mile. Elec clean! What is easiest way, I can’t even see the little bugger down the back. Any easy way to get it unplugged to spray copious amounts of elec cleaner in there? Any tips would be welcome, kind regards 🙂
  5. Hi all, some advice off the experts please. Drove to work and temp gauge never moved, stayed at minimum. At one point it jumped 1/2 way to 90oC then back to minimum. So everything is pointing me to the temp sensor. From what I could find it’s at the back of the engine in between the heads. A green sensor with plug. Does this sound right to you guys . Any info or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Would rather do myself than risk taking it to a garage . Cheers
  6. Couple of vids that do no justice, damn iphone's mic's. Either way it gives maybe 5% of the sound😀 Short vid Little longer vid It pretty much turned everyones head around , probably thinking what a tw@😀 But i dont care ............ Cheers
  7. Cheers steve, made up with it. Even the other 1/2 loves it! She even asked to come out to listen before when taking my lad to his MMA gym. Certainly a lot more of a growl/snarl now. Lots of people looking round 50+ metres ahead😀 Did i say im like a big kid.............. New boots to go😄
  8. At last . the miltek is on, no resonators and GT100 tips. Love the sound, sounds awesome. Maybe an hour to fit, the guy had a little OCD which i like, lining the tail caps up and getting perfect centre. Old zaust came off super easy, as Audi/bmw use double sleeves. However my plans to keep or even sell on did not go to plan. The centre hanger was almost rusted off, the pipes from cat to centre, almost rusted through. That exhaust would have unlikely made it through winter, but it is 16yrs old!. Happy the car is under sealed, actually in good nick under which makes me happy. Not always easy to check, but as it spent a lot of its life garaged, it shows. Anyway pics and a little vid that does no justice. Drone wise is not bad at all, had to drive back 12m which most is motorway. Little to no drone, foot down and growls!. Had a big grin like a kid driving home, thats when you know its a good decision😅 Old Hanger almost off(loose) and pipes rotted through Zaust less New on with GT100 tips Little vid that does no justice(dont think will play ;-( )
  9. Little clean, having a little OCD my cars usually look clean all the time, washing a couple of times a week is not unheard of! Been using autoglyms wash and wax. Pretty easy as i hate anything to do with waxing etc. Wash with their shampoo, then whilst wet a couple of sprays of wax per panel. Panel at a time, microfibre x2, one to spread around panel, other to buff up. Works well and can do car in 20 mins total.......that makes a difference for me. £20 on amazon, comes with sponge and 2x fibre cloths I also use their leather care cream which works well .
  10. Chain is a tough one and for now just enjoy. Its well under 1 second of cold start noise which according to Audi is normal(engine pressure required to feed tensioners with oil, which drains off over time when engine off). Regular oil changes are key, so every 3k that will happen. Yes engine out, new tensioners(chains should be fine) etc will cost a pretty penny. But due to the design, it may start again within 20k or ???. There is no proper solution, so its a trait and i knew this prior to getting. I have read up almost endlessly to learn/build up a picture for myself. Going back to 2008, a 2004 with 30k on rattles for a second on start up!. So 16yrs down the line(mine) , maybe they have been done, maybe under warranty and had new tensioners 50k ago, who actually knows . I could contact Audi i guess, but then they might not have done the work(if its been done). Trouble is, the odds are definitely in favour of it returning due to the design. I will live with it for now, mainly because i know i could spend £3k+ for it to sound the same within a couple of years. A friend who uses his mates garage (has rs4 with exact same noise to) are my back up to do the work if /when required. He said nothing to worry about, they all do it, the latter seems pretty true. He has owned a few s4's(avant and cab) along with the rs4 b7 for the last few years. In fact thinking back, an S or RS has been in his life for the last 10-15yrs. Have a great weekend, actually looking forward to going for a drive later........did i say i feel 20 again😀 Love it!
  11. Thank you Steve for kind words😎, i'm always wary of boring people to death, as i am sure many have done similar over the years. Hoping after Monday i will update with a sound vid of the miltek and a few pics! . I will say 100% its been a long long time since i have buzzed of a car and driving it about, in the years i have had quite a few performance type cars to. Fiesta turbo modded, sapphire cosworth, GSI2000 4x4, 200sx, impreza WRX etc. I am drawing many similarities to when i was 20 in 1995 and got my gun metal cosworth. Full leather, ford amp/stereo , just the package was awesome. This s4 makes me feel 20 again😀 I will add on a side note, the impreza was an awesome car for the near 4yrs of ownership. Defo not ruled out another at some point. Nothing compared in luxury/comfort to the s4(more raw), but a reliable car with a personality. Also the next best thing to a v8.......that flat 4 burble from uneven headers. I digress... The chain rattle is still there but much shorter in time and not as pronounced. Timed it a few times and its defo under 1 second, before 1-2s. Thats colder starts or when stood for hours, if its warm, turned off then started, no rattle. So will update as time and miles go on. Not over concerned but it does not sit right with my brain! Roll on Monday afternoon😀
  12. Well left over night, so off for maybe 10hrs or so. Slight rattle for 0.5s max , so defo improved and temperature was quite low to, around 7-8oC ish. So not actually gone, but improved .
  13. Some may find interesting........if anyone reads it haha. So 9.5L of this stuff, 502/505 Cost under £45 for 10L , £10 for oil filter, add £5 for crush washer so £60. al in. Cheap!!, worth doing every 3k imho. So had 2 cold starts now, absolutely no chain rattle at all.......nothing, smooth start up. I am super happy!!!! Will see how it goes now over the miles, but as its so cheap, my plan is every 6 months(about 3k miles) drop the oil(or pump out), new oil filter. Previous always had 1-2s of rattle before pressure was built up.