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  1. Hi everyone, Ive got an Avant quattro with the 2.0TDI 170 PPD engine, when accelerating with only a little throttle I get this strange noise from the turbo, it's almost a mix of a rattle/spooling noise or like the turbine is dragging on the case of the turbo but i'm sure if this was the case I would have a lot of problems, I have no over boost issues etc just this strange noise, when I let off the throttle quickly when going up a hill (so high boost) it does the turbo flutter noise but with the same rumbly sound, which I understand is effectively excess pressure produced by the turbo that isn't needed, is it possible that my car is very slightly over boosting on light acceleration? I have had the intake pipe off and checked for play in the bearings, there is some side to side play but not excessive and a very very tiny bit of end float so I don't think it's the turbine shaking around, could it be the variable vanes sticking? car is on 123k miles
  2. Hi hope this is ok to ask here... I have a S-line Quattro estate with the red rear dampers (sports suspension?) I have just ordered some new dampers as the old ones are leaking oil. The ones that have turned up are SACHS 313 367 which going by the information are for standard suspension? should be 313 368 for sports? Assuming the car still has Sports springs (replaced by previous owner due to cracked springs) is it ok to use a standard damper with sports springs? or will this cause an issue?
  3. Ok so I feel like a muppet! I got the idea that the yellow circle symbol with 3 dots either side was to do with low oil pressure given that when you press the check button on the dash it shows this symbol at the top of the display and below it the low oil pressure alarm, turns out its actually just the front brake pad sensor alarm! panic over! 😅
  4. Hi everyone, first post on here. Had the car a couple of weeks, It's a 2.0tdi PD 170bhp engine, BRD engine code. My issue is sometimes....only twice so far, when starting the engine I get the low oil pressure warning and beep come up, I turn the engine off and restart it and it doesn't come back... I am well aware of the oil pump drive issues on this car, It's done 122k and I have no evidence to say that the oil pump has been looked at. Does this sound like the engine is warning me the oil pump drive is on its last legs? I have seen a few mentions of oil pressure sensor faults but not very common? If I do need to replace the balance shaft is the KMB part the best one to get? and is it worth changing the oil pump at the same time? or does this rarely have issues? and finally does anyone know what I should expect to pay for a garage to change the balance shaft? thanks in advance!