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  1. Hi sorry for tHe late reply, I’ve swapped wheels and still a wobble. What do you recommend to check next ? Checked all the obvious stuff
  2. I’m not sure I’ll have a look when I swap the wheels over
  3. I’ll swap the wheels over at the weekend and see how it goes from there
  4. Iv had it jacked up and checked all ball joints, suspension, wheel nuts and bearings the only thing I could put it to is warped rear discs maybe for £50 I’ll chuck a set on at the weekend
  5. Yeah that was my first thought! I haven’t no maybe I’ll try that next. I had a sticky nsf calliper but I feel nothing when braking through the pedal or wheel. It is a Quattro would a centre prop bearing cause this or would I get noise with that ?
  6. Yeah, had all 4 balanced made no difference at all
  7. Hi I have a 2008 a3 cr170, it has developed a vibration that I can feel through the floor, it only happens between 60-70mph iv done the obvious had the wheels balanced, checked tyres, seized callipers anything else I should check? Any help will be greatly appreciated