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  1. I believe so i spoke to an aa roadside technician he says they would replace the battery for a bosch one for a £35 exess I believe he said they only fit bosch batterys but I would need to wait another week before i can claim
  2. Oh never😂 i just signed up for aa parts and labour last week got to wait till next week to use it i will put my old battery might go back in and they will replace it with a bosch one hopefully
  3. Good morning i have attached a photo of the battery i got from ecp lion 027 and i have also attached a photo of the old battery hopefully it may last a year or something till i get a new car this one is causing me all sorts of problems getting a new clutch in today and the turbo looked at
  4. Thanks for your help i have gone to euro car parts for a battery i think it is sorted now from the little drive i went on there was no issues my battery have 3 years warranty thank you so much for your help
  5. Thanks for your help i will go and get a new battery see if that sorts the problem out
  6. I have recently bought the car the guy said the battery has recently been changed its a name i have never heard of i will get back to you when im home on the make of it also that’s correct it’s electric power steering i did have battery issues before because its not secure correct but i have not sorted that out not sure if that’s related previously the car wouldn’t start without lifting the bonnet and rocking the battery
  7. Good afternoon all, i am after some advice my car has recently developed a fault where the power steering goes stiff and the lights dim this only happens for a few seconds each time but can happen quite afew times each trip in wondering has this problem happened to anyone els? any help would be appreciated:) audi a3 1.9 special edition 2007